Windows on the War of 1812

A Two Person Art Exhibition by Stephen J. Arthurs & Rebecca Nash

Artist Stephen Arthurs

Stephen Arthurs - Artist

Artist Statement

My paintings are explorations of a fifth dimension as expressed in aerial notations. With over thirty years of refinement, my acrylics on paper and canvas have a content of philisophical, social, historical and metaphysiclal observations as subject matter. In rendering a stilled moment in time, I portray life in its essential moments of clarity (Reductionism) while working on a restricted surface space (Miniaturism). As I cross a multitude of cultures to reflect this, I seek the universal in us all (Pluralism).

As a matrix, these paintings convey meaning to our existence and reflect on our world and choices. They inhabit public, corperate, and private collections throughout Canada, the US, France, England, Norway, and Russia. The works are recognized with international awards in Paris, New York, and Toronto. Cultural Properties, a division of Revenue Canada, has deemed the work to be; "...[of] outstanding significance and national importance..."


Stephen Arthurs is a painter (1951   Saint John, New Brunswick) who is a veteran of numerous shows in art gallery. Among his one-person shows he counts(an inter-regional tour of his work that travelled across Ontario and into the maritimes; 1982-83, in group, prominent was inclusion in the 'Trois Ameriques' in the Musee du Luxembourg (1989) and the  'Salon de mai" in the Grand Palais (1991), both of Paris, France. His art work resides in many public collections in Canada, the US and Russia, with pieces in private collections throughout North America and Europe.

Educated at the Ontario College of Art and Design (1972-1976), Stephen’s interest in military history took root before graduating.  His earliest influences were formed by war images from artists like Gericault, Jer^ome, Meissonier, Gros, De Neuville and Detaille. Currently a resident of London, Ontario,

Stephen’s travels have spanned Canada and further afield to Paris and Rouen, France with numerous excursions to historical sites while living in Europe.

Tactics of the Napoleonic era interest him greatly and is now the  focus of researches for this bicentennial.

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