Windows on the War of 1812

A Two Person Art Exhibition by Stephen J. Arthurs & Rebecca Nash

Photographer Rebecca Nash

Rebecca Nash - Photographer

Artist Statement

Photography is my passion. I observe the world around me through a modified perspective and capture the joy and pain of the spirit and make visible the story of that moment in time; to learn about myself through understanding others. With every frame I capture I aim to bring beauty in truth and perspective to others, to share my vision of the story before me, and to learn about humanity through everyday events. When people see my work I aim to evoke emotion, reflection, and conversation through compelling imagery.


My work is guided greatly by the inspiration of the moment and the continuity to a story or to the learning of the moment. Every moment is a story but not every moment can be captured to reflect the emotions of the spirit, the reflection of humanity, in a way which compels us to come closer, look harder, and stay longer. Every frame contributes to my learning and growth as an artist and as a person. Every moment speaks to me in a way that allows me to frame the moment with the best possible depth of field to allow the eye to be led to the part of the story which is the plot at that moment while de-emphasizing those elements which do not contribute to the moment.


My collection of images depicting the re-enactments of the war of 1812 grew out of a friendship with artist Stephen Arthurs and my families experiences in attending local re-enactments. As a child I played on the battlefield at Stoney Creek, I raced the stairs of Brock’s monument, and heard the stories of battles long ago in the forts we visited. All of these breathed life into the history I simply could not understand from textbooks alone. Through these series of images I explore and expose many of the aspects of a re-enactors life. What happens when the battle is over? What happens when the crowd has left? In every frame I challenge myself’. Through this collaboration with Stephen Arthurs I truly believe this exhibit will provide a new perspective to an old story, to tell a little more of the story of these people which has been 200 years in the making.


Rebecca Nash

London, Ontario

November 7th 2011


Rebecca grew up in the Niagara region. She always loved photography and after her daughter was born she started learning more and more about it. After completing her diploma in Early Childhood Education, Rebecca spent 5 years working in childcare. As much as she loved caring for children, her passion for photography continued to pull at her. She found many ways to incorporate photography into the classroom through documentation and special occasion crafts. Soon Rebecca began receiving compliments on her classroom images and requests for family portraits. Rebecca received many comments from parents of the children in my class saying “oh my gosh! I’ve never seen that good of a photo of my child. Can you come to our house to take some photos?” Very quickly she began to think – this is a way I can still help people, interact with people and nurture my creativity. This inspired Rebecca begin her company on a part-time basis. Only after Rebecca moved herself and her young daughter to London did she have the opportunity to pursue funding through the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) and pursue her passion full-time. Through her business, Rebecca has been able to merge her love of photography, children, creating, and everything wedding related into a major part of her life.

As a self taught photographer, and an entrepreneur Rebecca never stops learning. She’s always reading, taking class, watching webinars, and trying new tools and techniques to keep fresh and at the top of her game. She enjoys observing people. With her warm outgoing personality, interpersonal skills, and knowledge of child development she have an ability to put people at ease and capture images of their true selves.

Rebecca has made her mission to create beautiful elegant images that show the personality and relationships of people in my photographs, help people capture special moments in their lives to preserve them for future generations, create art to inspire, enhance lives and give new perspective to our surroundings, provide professional services and customer service that exceed the expectations of my customers, build a reputation as an artist, business person, and expert in my field, and earn an income which allows me to support my family while following my dreams.

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